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We understand that parting with a large LP / Vinyl collection can be a difficult time, it may be that a loved one has passed away or that you need to make extra room for the arrival of a new loved one.


The team at UK Classical Archives are always on hand to help and we always ensure your collection is treated and dealt with respectfully.


To discuss selling your LP / Vinyl or CD Collection, contact us on 01803 60 61 62 or email us at, we will spend time discussing your collection or equipment and your wishes in respect to selling it.


We provide a safe and secure, door to door, boxing and collection service which is available to all of UK mainland and Ireland customers with next day delivery. We also offer this service to all our European customers as well, please call us on 01803 60 61 62 for more details


For very large collections, we determine if we need to arrange an onsite visit, or if you feel happy to compile a list of the contents of the collection. We understand this can be a lengthy process if it is a large LP / Vinyl or CD Collection.

Once we have reviewed the collection, either via Valuation Request Form or via our grading and valuation process, we will make you an offer. We believe from our experience that we offer the best prices, because we care about your collection and want to ensure its history and heritage are preserved in our classical archives.


We are highly experienced and will always tell you the true value of your collection, if we find a rare LP or CD in your collection, we would be excited to tell you. We are always true and upfront in making our offers.


If you would like to proceed in selling your Vinyl / LP or CD collection to UK Classical Archives, then we would be delighted to take care of everything for you.


If we don't already have your collection, then as per the valuation process, we can arrange collection either by ourselves or a fully experienced and insured courier. We send you safe and sturdy packaging materials so you know it is safely packaged.


Once we have received the collection, we will price and grade each item from the collection separately, we will then tell you the total value and we transfer the agreed funds, either via Bank Transfer or cheque.



A love for classical music comes with the passion of listening to it at the best possible quality.  Very often lovers of vintage classics also have a love for high end audio equipment to listen to their collections at its finest.


We would like to share this passion and are also interested in buying audio equipment, whether it accompanies a collection or not.


To discuss selling your audio equipment, contact us on 01803 60 61 62 or email us at, we can chat through the details of the equipment and its condition to give you our best offer.


If your equipment is being sold as part of the collection then please include the details when you send us a Valuation Request Form.  If it is being sold  individually then simply email us the details and we can provide a valuation.

We will need details of the brand / make of the equipment as well as the condition, if it includes the original packaging and box and the instruction manual, all these elements greatly affect the valuation.


Don't worry if your equipment doesn't appear to have any branding on it, don't dismiss it as worthless, it may very well be worth a great deal, just email us over some photographs and we can identify the equipment for you, and then provide a valuation.


Brands of equipment that we are looking to add to our archive include the following:


Garrard, Thorens, Linn, Tannoy, Rodgers, SME, Quad, Naim, Musical Fidelity, ReVox, ATC, Studer, Leak, Audio Research, Michell, KEF, Sonus Faber, Bryston, Krell B&W. This list is not an exhaustive one and if you think that you may have something of interest, then please do get in touch with our team.

If you would like to proceed in selling your audio equipment to UK Classical Archives, then we would be delighted to take care of everything for you.


As when selling large vinyl and LP collections we can arrange to collect the audio equipment from you and once received, then tested and confirmed as in good working order, we transfer the agreed funds directly to you.


Contact Adrian or Bettina today on 01803 60 61 62


Selling your Record / LP / Vinyl or CD collection has never been easier

Once the collection has been received by us, we get to work on grading and valuing each item.


A medium size collection (around 1000 records) can take us up to 2 weeks to process.


Unlike a dealer who usually will just offer a job lot price or is only interested in a handful of recordings,  we take the time to individually price and grade each recording depending on its age, collectability and value.


We find this to be the fairest and most accurate way to process a collection.


We provide a door to door collection and boxing service for safe secure next day delivery to us.


Once you give us the go ahead, we arrange a day that suits you, for the collection to be picked up.


We ask that you arrange to package the items safely ready for the day of collection.


Don't worry if you don't have any packaging or boxes, we can send these to you in advance with

no charge.

Grading and Valuation


You get paid!


Upon completion of our grading and valuation process, we will contact you regarding the total evaluation of the collection and forward payment.


If you would rather keep hold of the collection, then we arrange with you regarding the return of the collection.